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Anchor Clamp for Abc Cable Anchor Clamp for Abc Cable
Anchor Clamp for Abc Cable Anchor Clamp for Abc Cable


Anchor Clamp for Abc Cable

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Reference: STD(FO-DN414)
Anchor Clamp for short aerial runs of Fibre optical cable (Max. 100 meters)
For Ø 4-9mm and 10-14mm cables.
Resistance: 200 daN.
  • STD



House Aerial Anchoring Clamps

Anchoring clamps for aerial fiber optics lines with neutral fastener

The "STD" Anchor Clamp is made up of the following components:

  • The clamp body, the main mechanical component is manufactured in heavy duty weatherproof synthetic material

  • The wedge, made from synthetic material exerts necessary mechanical pressure in retaining the cable in the body of the clamp.

  • The pull hook is made from anti corrosion rod.

  • For anchoring isolated coaxial and unipolar cables.


  • Mechanical traction resistant

  • Supports industrial duty tension

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Weatherproof

The main features, type testing, acceptation and qualifying procedures correspond with the technical data indicated in the following table.

Comes in 60 unit packs.

For the correct installing of the DN-414 cable anchor clamp, the following steps are recommended:

  • Loosen the mooring hook from the anchor clamp.

  • Place the hook en the place to be mooring point or support, fixing it inside the body of the clamp

  • Remove the wedge from its base and then place the cable within the clamp.

  • Replace the wedge to its corresponding position and proceed to tense the cable taut.

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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