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SM118 Tension Clamp for 4 Wires Abc Cable SM118 Tension Clamp for 4 Wires Abc Cable


SM118 Tension Clamp for 4 Wires Abc Cable

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  • SM118


  • 4x(50-120)


This clamp is designed to anchor the low voltage fully supportedA.B.C.(Aerial Bundled Conductors).


- The arms are made of hot-dip galvanised steel. A bolt enables the clamp to be easily dismantled manually and anchored on a bracket fixed to a pole or façade. 

- The cleats are made of UV resistant, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material. 

- The conductors are attached using a combination of bolts and cleats. Two 17mm shear head nuts are used to control the tightening torque. 

- Each conductor runs through a separate channel. The conductors are anchored by distributing the loads, protecting the insulation. 

- A large opening facilitates the passage of the conductors between the clamp arms. 


- Unscrew the nuts. 

- Open the A.B.C and insert each conductor into one of the channels. 

- Screw the nuts alternately using a 17mm spanner until the shear head breaks. The 21mm head is only provided for possible dismantling. 

- Anchor the clamp on a hook. 

- Additional tightening is achieved automatically by the cleats.

For the termination of 4-core LV ABC cable with hook fixing The clamps have strong springs which keep the clamp in an open position during the installation of conductors .The clamping action functions through wedges.The body is made of weather resistant aluminium alloy and teh plasti parts of special fibreglass reinforeced plastic .

ModleConductor Cross-Section(mm2)

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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