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SDPA Pre-Insulated Sleeve for LV Insulation Piercing Connector

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Product information:

Material:Brass(silver plating)Aluninium

Product property:SDPA is designed to connect the neutral messenger in aerial bundled cable .It is in accordance with NFC33-021 .The sleeve is with full tension .

Pre-insulated Fuse holder SDPA used to prevent the circuit break on LV ABC lines, up to 1 KV. Connection and disconnection happened under current load up to 63A.

Pre-insulated Fuse holder SDPA is made of aluminum, which filled with lubricate. Insulation body of connector is made of weather and UV resistant plastic, waterproffed.

These removable circuit breakers are • installed on service lines as a fuse with 4 to 125A and allow disconnection • under load up to 60A. Attached sealing

The connection to the service line of 16 or 25 mm2 is performed by crimping, see page 10 for crimping details.

  • Suitable for 22x58 AD fuse cartridges from 4-125A

  • Allows connection and disconnection under load up to 60 A cap allows to temporary protect access to the network side.

  • Tested for watertightness at a voltage of 6 kV for 30 min in a waterbath

  • Two part body with integrated seals easily interlock during closing

  • Insulation material made of weather and UV resistant polymer

  • Model Conductor Range (mm²)
    Type mm²
    SDPA Latcral isolation -
    SDPAD Lateral skinned wire isolation -
    SDPAV Vertical isolation -
    SDCC Single 6/6
    SDCC-R Single 25/25
    Double 2X16+1X16


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