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Silver Galvanized Iron Fiber Optic Metal Cable Hook

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  • SO-P-02

SO-P-02 is designed for supporting mounting of an optical cable on intermediate supports of overhead lines with voltage up to 20kV, urban electrical facilities (street lighting, land electrical transport). YK-P-02 is an excellent solution for mounting the cable on the wall elements, building facades, on structures with a long cable run up to 110 m.

● Allows for fastening to 4 anchorages isolated neutral carrier supporting insulated wires to 1000V and up to 2 supporting clips to supports.

● Able to withstand many years a variety of climatic conditions, including temperature extremes, rain, sunshine, strong winds.

● Suitable for installation on all types of supports, beams and tubal holders.

● Allows you to quickly and cost-effectively perform the installation of the cable.

● It is made with a protective coating of zinc in protection UHL-1 according TU 3449-041-2756023 0-98, which ensures long-term trouble-free operation.

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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