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FTTH Suspension Clamp for Figure-8 Cables

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● Covers all messenger sizes from 3 to 11mm

● Acts as a fuse to avoid damage on the cable in case of abnormal vertical overload (tree, car crash ...)

● 4kV dielectric insulation between the cable messenger and the pole/clamp

● Central hole allowing installation on hooks so to provide a flexible suspension point and give extra protection against wind induced vibration

  • SO-1096
  • 3-11mm


The suspension clamps are designed to provide an articulated suspension for figure-8 cables with steel or dielectric insulated messenger on access network with spans up to 90m. Its unique patented design has been developed to offer an universal hardware fitting covering all suspension cases on wooden, metal or concrete poles. With straight grooves and a reversible system, these clamps are compatible with messengers diameters from 3 to 7mm and 7 to 11mm.

They are engineered with UV resistant thermoplastic jaws reinforced with two galvanized steel plates and secured by two galvanized steel bolts.


Designed for ducts with a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) messenger figure-8 shaped duct assembly.


●    On a hook bolt

The clamp can be installed on a 14mm or 16mm hook bolt on drillable wooden poles. The length of the hook bolt depends on the pole diameter.

Installation On a hook bolt

●    On a pole bracket with a hook bolt

The clamp can be installed on wooden poles, round concrete poles and polygonal metallic poles by using a suspension bracket CS, a hook bolt BQC12x55 and 2 pole bands 20 x 0.4mm or 20 x 0.7mm.

On a pole bracket with a hook bolt

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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