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FTTH Fiber Optic Drop Cable Wire Fish Tension Clamp

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  • SO-1074-2

FTTH cable clamp other called Drop wire clamp, is FTTH round and flat cable accessory, designed to suspense the FTTH cable on tension and down lead routes, during construction of FTTX network.

The clamp concept of rolling allows clamping cables at easiest way, bending it at appropriate angle. FTTH cable drop clamp is used to fixate round-shape FTTH cable or Flat-type FTTH cable to pole by FTTH pole accessories and brackets and band or stainless steel ties.

FTTH Cable Fish is made of UV resistant thermoplastic, which guarantee a long-term durability.
Drop cable fish allows installation eithers on concrete pole, and on wooden walls. Related FTTH cable and pole fittings are available in SMICO's product range.

Open hook construction simplifies the installation on closed ring brackets.

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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