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Malleable Iron WS Type Electric Power Fitting Accessories Line Eye Socket Clevis Pole

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A socket clevis is an important pole line hardware that is sometimes referred to as sock tongue. It is perfectly designed to complete the connection between socket clamp and socket type insulator.  However, you can request the custom design for this pole line fitting and you will get one that will suit your application.

When it comes to size, this socket clevis is designed to fit around conductors of different sizes. You can even ask for the custom size socket clevis that will fit perfectly on your cable.

Socket clevis is quite versatile hence can work with any type of overhead conductor. Whether you have  Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) conductor or All Aluminium Alloy Conductor  (AAAC) conductor, you don’t have to worry whether they will be compatible with the socket clevis or not.

Our socket clevis for sale is made from cast iron material. This is one of the most common materials that is used for making top-end powerline fittings. This material is known for its strength hence durable.

Cast iron material for socket clevis does not react easily with water or other corrosive chemicals. This enhances the durability of the pole line hardware fittings. Our socket clevis is hot deep galvanized to ensure that they are further protected from rust and other risk factors.

SMICO socket clevis can survive in areas that are prone to unfriendly conditions. You can use this pole line hardware whether you live in a tropical area or where the temperatures are extremely high.

Looking for quality socket clevis in China?  Don’t go anywhere else. At Powertelcom, we are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of affordable socket clevis in China.




Dimensions(mm) Raled Faure bad (KN) Weight(kg)
C1 C2 h d b
W-7 12.5 24.5 50 14 12 40 0.6
W-7A 19.2 34.5 70 20 16 70 0.8
W-7B 19.2 34.5 115 20 16 70 0.9
W1-7G 19.2 34.5 70 20 25 70 1.1
W1-10 19.2 34.5 85 20 18 100 1.0
W1-12 19.2 34.5 85 20 32 120 1.1
W-12 19.2 34.5 90 24 20 120 1.3
W-30 27.5 51.0 110 39 32 300 4.2
W-0732 19.2 34.5 70 20 32 70 1.1

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