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Copper-coated Earth Rods Copper-coated Earth Rods
Copper-coated Earth Rods Copper-coated Earth Rods
Copper-coated Earth Rods Copper-coated Earth Rods


Copper-coated Earth Rods

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SMICO copper-bonded ground rods are the highest quality ground rods available today. We use a unique manufacturing process, which includes drawing the steel rod to size before the copper bonding process begins. This results in a straighter, harder steel core, making installation easier. SMICO uses a continuous electro-plating process over the steel core that results in a permanent molecular bond that provides decades of reliable performance. Our state-of-the-art ISO registered manufacturing facility provides a consistent, high-quality finished product that is used in millions of installations around the world.
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Copper bond earth rods probably offer to the installer the best and most economical earth rods available . They are made by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper on to a low carbon steel core.

Copper thickness standard 250 microns.(others plating copper thickness as your requested)

Earth rods to BS EN 50164-2, Bs7430 and Ul467 ,Fittings to BS EN 50164-1

copper bonded earth rod hs code

As an independent and professional high-tech large-scale manufacturer, SMICO guarantee to offer Earthing & Lightning Protection products in high quality and timely delivery. We promise to deliver sample within 3 days and products within 20 days. Our 10-year manufacturing experience and capacity assure our fast delivery.

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Earth rods are generally suitable for communication, power, transportation, finance, petrochemical, building systems and many other fields, such as communication stations, mobile base stations, dispatching machine rooms, substations, highway facilities, computer rooms, intelligent communities, etc. Strict units and departments can use this system to form a grounding system with excellent performance. Copper clad steel materials have been widely used in grounding devices due to their good electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength, and especially the outer coated copper layer with good corrosion resistance.

copper bonded steel earth rod

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