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Copper Plated Ground Rod Driver for Earthing Copper Plated Ground Rod Driver for Earthing


Copper Plated Ground Rod Driver for Earthing

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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Copper Bonded Earth Rod for our clients. These products are manufactured using superior quality raw material which is sourced from the most reliable vendors of the market. The products offered by us are in strict accordance with the international norms. These products are available at the most affordable rates to our clients. The products that we offer to our clients are made under the guidance of our quality check experts who ensure that we deliver only good quality products to our clients. These products are in huge demand across the globe and are widely appreciated for their efficiency, high conductivity, and low maintenance. we offer copper bonded earth rods, copper bonded rods, copper bonded earthing rods, copper bonded electrodes, copper bonded ground rods, and copper bonded grounding rods.


  • Resistance corrosion better than Galvanized rods allowing for approximately 30yrs service life in most of the soil

  • Minimum tensile strength of 80,000PSI

  • Meets the requirement of ANSI/ UL 467, CSA and ANSI / NEMA


3/8" 1200 UNTHREADED 9.5
1/2" 1200 9/16" 12.7
1/2" 1500 9/16" 12.7
1/2" 1800 9/16" 12.7
1/2" 2400 9/16" 12.7
5/8" 1200 5/8" 14.2
5/8" 1500 5/8" 14.2
5/8" 1800 5/8" 14.2
5/8" 2400 5/8" 14.2
5/8" 3000 5/8" 14.2
3/4" 1200 3/4" 17.2
3/4" 1500 3/4" 17.2
3/4" 1800 3/4" 17.2
3/4" 2400 3/4" 17.2
3/4" 3000 3/4" 17.2

Solid Copper Earth Rods

They are one of the best choices for Earth Electrodes. They can be used in areas with high corrosion or in applications where an exceptionally long life is needed. They are also used in installations with high fault currents. These Solid Copper Rods are manufacturing from Solid Copper bars and are then processed to enable jointing. These Solid Copper Rods however are not suitable for deep driving into the ground because of the possibility of bending and are additionally significantly more expensive than the other Rod options.

Copper Bonded or Copperbond Earth Rods

They are made using an electroplating process where a layer of Copper is deposited on a steel core. Copper Bonded products offer an advantage over Copper clad products because they are molecularly bonded with the steel core and will thus not slip or tear when they are driven into the ground. Copper Bonded Rods are also significantly more cost effective than Solid Copper Rods while still providing corrosion resistance and low electrical resistance. Additionally, the steel core makes these Copper Bonded Rods more favourable to be driven into the ground.

Thus, Copper Bonded Rods provide high tensile strength using low carbon steel with molecularly bonded 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. This makes Copper Bonded Rods the most economically efficient and popular choice for Earth Rods around the world. Axis has more than 25 years of experience manufacturing and selling Copper Bonded Rods to utilities and other customers in more than 80 countries

Stainless Steel Earth Rods


These Rods are generally used where they may be issues caused by galvanic corrosion because of dissimilar metals buried closed together.  However, these are the most expensive of all the options. 

Galvanised Steel Earth Rods

These rods are made up of high strength low carbon steel and hot-dip galvanised. These are the lowest cost rods but also have the lowest corrosion resistance and low electrical conductivity and current carrying capacity.

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