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40KN Stay Assembly 40KN Stay Assembly
40KN Stay Assembly 40KN Stay Assembly
40KN Stay Assembly 40KN Stay Assembly
40KN Stay Assembly 40KN Stay Assembly


40KN Stay Assembly

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Hot Dip Galvanized steel according to ISO 1461
Square plate,tube,thimble and two hex nut assembled to the rod.
The anchor rod used with anchor plate and thimble.
In compliance with IEC specification.

This stay rod is used for connecting the stay wire to the ground anchor. It is also known as the stay set  It ensures that the wire is firmly rooted to the ground and everything remains stable.

There are two types of these stay rods that you will find in the market. These are the bow stay rod and the tubular stay rod. The difference between these two types of powerline accessories is based on their designs.

Tubular stay rod is adjustable through its turnbuckle. On the other hand, bow type stay rod is further divided into different categories which include stay thimble, stay rod and stay plate.

When it comes to the material of make, stay rods are made of high-grade galvanized stainless steel. We prefer this material due to its immense physical strength. The stay rod also has a high tensile strength which keeps it intact from mechanical forces.

The steel is galvanized hence is free from rust and corrosion. The pole line accessory cannot be damaged by various elements.

For the sizes, our stay rods come in different sizes. While buying, you should specify the size of these electrical pole accessories that you want.  The line hardware should fit perfectly on your power line.

Stay Rod: The Ultimate Guide

Also known as stay set or stay bar, stay rod is an important overhead line equipment that you will find in major telecommunication and power installations. You may need it regardless of the scope of your project.

Are you looking for the best stay rods for sale? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to explore all the vital facts that you should know about stay rods. I will also guide you on choosing and buying quality stay rods.

What are the types of stay rods?

There are different types of stay rods in the market. All the stay rods are divided into two major types. These are bow type stay rods, and tubular type stay rods.

Let’s have a brief look at each of these two types of stay rods:

Bow type stay rods

Under this class, we have these types of stay rods:

-Stay bow; made of steel and features hot-dip gap

-Stay thimble. Usually made of carbon steel and alloy steel which are known for their extra strength and durability. Stay thimbles are preferred for extreme conditions.

-Stay rod. The most popular under this class. Is made of cast steel, carbon steel and cast iron hence is very flexible. The most common finishes are zinc plating and hot deep galvanization

-Stay plate. Made of mild steel and is hot-deep galvanized for the smooth finishing and protection

Tubular types stay rods.

This is another class of stay rod and under it, we have the following stay rods:

-Turnbuckle. Under turnbuckle, we still have different varieties of rods They are eye/eye type, hook/hook/ type, and hook/eye. As you can see, they are named according to their points of connection.

Turnbuckle stay rods are galvanized and electroplated for strength and protection.

-Eye rod. Most eye rods in the market are made of steel and electroplated or hot dip galvanized for strength and protection.

It is known as the eye rod because one end of the rod has an ‘eye’ which is a hole.

Hot Dip Galvanized Stay rods

What is the right dimension of the stay rods?

When you look at the stay rod specifications, you will notice that this overhead line equipment comes in different dimensions. Some are longer than others. You can also notice the difference in thickness between the stay rods.

While buying stay rods, you should also consider the issue of their dimensions. The most important dimensions include diameter length, thickness, and weight.

The dimensions of the stay rods that you choose will depend on the area of application.

You don’t up to end up with the wrong dimensions of the stay rod assembly. The rod should perfectly fit into the stay wire.

How to install a stay rod assembly?

There are different ways of installing stay rods to make up a complete stay rod assembly. The mode of installation will depend on the area of application.

During the installation process, a small part of the rod is usually left outside while the rest of the body is buried under the ground.

Stay set for pole is also expected to align at an angle of 45 degrees while facing the horizon.

When installing a stay bow, ensure that it goes through the screw to allow the ratchet nuts to connect. The process should create a perfect match with the stay wire installation.

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