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DCPAE Fast Connectors And Fuse Holders DCPAE Fast Connectors And Fuse Holders
DCPAE Fast Connectors And Fuse Holders DCPAE Fast Connectors And Fuse Holders


DCPAE Fast Connectors And Fuse Holders

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Connection and protection components for LV distribution system



The DCPAE fast connectors have been designed to connect consumers to the low voltage overhead distribution system, with ranges between 4 and 16 mm2 (AWG 12 to 5). The system is adjusted by means of a stainless steel contact spring, and its tin-plated copper flat contacts ensure a safe and lasting connection. The unit is suited for use in all kinds of services to consumers, and is fitted with an IFC connection component. Besides from working as a connecting device, it can be used as a cutout device. In this case, the IFC component (connection) is replaced by the IFF component (insulation) so that the current cutout can be effected at a point of easy access to the Electricity Distribution Company and of difficult access to the consumer. The unit includes a strapping ring to prevent or detect tampering.

If DCPAE fast connectors are used with NEOZED fuses, replacing the tin-plated cooper links, you can obtain another point to cut the service or another point of protection at the beginning of the service line of each consumer, which is a hot point for electrical theft.

The DCPAE connectors ensure steady and safe connection and disconnection to consumers without altering the quality of the connection to the mains. Hence, the unit can be used indefinitely without damaging the mains. They are supplied for simple or double connections (DCPAE and DCPAE2 models).

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