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CD-71 Low Voltage Insulation Piercing Clamp For ABC Cable CD-71 Low Voltage Insulation Piercing Clamp For ABC Cable


CD-71 Low Voltage Insulation Piercing Clamp For ABC Cable

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SMICO  Insulation Piercing Connectors is used to connect the overhead wires , apply in the transformation of the national grid, power transmission and distribution, landscape lighting, new rural construction and other industries
  • CD-71


  • 35-95/4-54mm²

  • 500000/month

  • Thermoplastic Fibre Glass Reinforced Reinforced nylon


Material : High strength aluminium alloy ,anti-UV plastic

A broad usage in the low voltage insulation lines,leading the branch connection to the main conductor.

T-connection of low voltage insulation wire service and cable branch connection for building distribution system. 

The material for the inside body is high strenght aluminum alloy and the insulation cover is used polyvinyl chloride(PVC).The connectors with specially designed contact teeth,are suitable for the connection of aluminium .

Put the main conductor and branch conductor parallel into the teeth grooves of th clamp ,tighten the bolts,piece the insulation of two conductors to mark the conductors connect.

The insulation cover functions as waterproof and sealing perfectly.

At the breaking force of the conductor ,the connector will not be distored and broken.At the rated current and short circuit ,rising temperature of the connector should be less than the connecting conductor .

Modle Main conductor Cross-section(mm2) Tap conductor Cross-section(mm2)
PI-71 35-95 4-54
CD-71 35-95 4-54
PC-150 35-150 4-50
P-71 35-95 4-50
P-72 35-95 2X(4-50)
P-150 70-150 2X(4-54)
P-151 6-150 6-95

P type insulation piercing connector

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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