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Derivador de Acometida Cliente Derivador de Acometida Cliente


Derivador de Acometida Cliente

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Fabricado en material termoplástico, dieléctrico, resistente la intemperie y rayos UV.

Rangos de conductores aceptados 6 - 18mm2 (10 - 6 AWG)

Cumple con normas internacionales IRAM 2435, ASTM G154, ASTM G155
  • DCC


  • 500000/month

  • Thermoplastic Fibre Glass Reinforced Reinforced nylon

DCC Diverter for Concentric Conductor

The shunts for concentric conductors DCC and DCC-R offer the electricity market a practical solution for the implementation of the of this type of drivers in connections to clients from airlines existing low voltage preassembled.
They were designed as intermediate accessories, for linking pre-assembled low voltage overhead conductors with conductors concentric for the realization of connections to clients or connections
with concentric cable from lines preassembled to interconnection boxes; allows the entry of the concentric cable in coaxial form and be dividedin its Phases and Neutral components, respectively, leaving the isolated and protected branch within the diverter. It installs together with the Cavanna barbed connectors performing the electrical connection of the branch conductor to the mains.
Wide versatility in its application.
Provides the possibility of a simple and easy connection; the Derivator
DCC and DCC-R are very easy to prepare, both at level and at height, enabling the bonding of the concentric cable to the connectors as if it were a conventional household connection, without consuming additional assembly times.
Very fast installation; does not require additional tooling or special training of personnel for its use. Does not need splices, additional connections or heat shrinkable materials, which would cause current or future points of failure or electrical hazard.
Completely made of anti UV synthetic material, without any type of metallic components guaranteeing a safe installation, without risks for the operator. Provides protection to the conductor mesh concentric, not exposing it to weather conditions. Apt to pairing with any type of barbed connectors for lines pre-assembled airs.

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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