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400A J Type Fuse Link IEC60269 400A J Type Fuse Link IEC60269


400A J Type Fuse Link IEC60269

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  • J type fuse link


  • IEC60269 BS88-2

  • 500000/month


SMICO Type J fuse link are for use in a.c electricity supply networks. They are installed in distribution boards, feeder pillars, link boxes, pole mounted cutout fuse and heavy duty service intakes.

The range includes all the current ratings specified in BS88-2 and BS 7656 for fuse link with the standard 82mm and 92mm fixing centres, togehter with additional non-standardised fuse link with 76mm fixing centres and female contact fuse links.

In addition, a range of cylindrical fuse links up to 315A, with the same characteristics as the tagged pattern, is available for installation in pole mounted cutout.


Current Rating(A) 76mm² 82mm² 92mm²
20 JHU20 JPU20 JSU20
32 JHU32 JPU32 JSU32
40 JHU40 JPU40 JSU40
50 JHU50 JPU50 JSU50
63 JHU63 JPU63 JSU63
80 JHU80 JPU80 JSU80
100 JHU100 JPU100 JSU100
125 JHU125 JPU125 JSU125
160 JHU160 JPU160 JSU160
200 JHU200 JPU200 JSU200
250 JHU250 JPU250 JSU250
315 JHU315 JPU315 JSU315
JPU355 JSU355
JPU400 JSU400
JPU450 JSU450
JPU500 JSU500
JPU560 JSU560
JPU630 JSU630



  1. JPU450, 500, 560, 630A are restricted to intermittent loading when installed in 400A fixed contacts

  2. JSU800A is restricted to intermittent loading when installed in 630A fixed contacts

  3. IEC60269 and BS88-2 specify performance requirements up to 630A fixed contacts, therefore the performance of JSU800A fuse-links complies with the Breaking Range and Utilisation Category “gG”

  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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