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APR 400 Seccionador Unipolar NH Hasta 400A APR 400 Seccionador Unipolar NH Hasta 400A


APR 400 Seccionador Unipolar NH Hasta 400A

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SMICO APDM basic function of 400A Single Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnecter for NH fuse link is to protect and disconnect a network during faults.
  • APR400


  • IEC60947

  • 30000/month

  • 500V

  • IEC test report, CE

  • V0 Anti UV Thermoplastic Fibre Glass Reinforced Reinforced nylon


Descripción general

El seccionador fusible APR400 es un seccionador de BT con capacidad de hasta 400A para fusibles NH tamaños 1 y 2. Es ideal para todas las protecciones en distribucion secundaria. Permite conectarse con terminales (no incluidos) o por conectores, configurable para operaciones monopolares, bipolares, tripolares etc., con dispositivos para señalizacion e indicacion de operacion y accesorios opcionales para seguridad y mejoramiento de la operacion del equipo

SMICO APDM basic function of 400A Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnecter for NH fuse link is to protect and disconnect a network during faults and is specially designed for on-load switching. The switch offers a reliable medium for disconnection and protection of fully insulated open wire network. The fuse switch is versatile and ideally suited for mounting directly to poles, transformers and cross arms.

Caracteristicas incluidas

El seccionador fusible APR400 posee los siguientes caracteristicas incluidas:

protectores de conexion
indicador luminoso de operacion del fusible
indicador de fusible instalado
visor de caracteristicas del fusible instalado
posibilidad de precintado de seguridad
encastres para hermanado de seccionadores en forma bipolar, tripolar, tetrapolar, etc.
ojales adecuados para correcta y segura operacion de apertura y cierre, montaje y desmontaje de la tapa


* Designed fo full load switching with Fuse links or disconnecting blades upto a rated current.

* Integral mounting facility and unique modular design allowing one, two, three or more switches to be installed together to meet SP, TP or TPN system requirements.

* Fully insulated made from corrosion proof, impact resistant, weather and UV resilient glass fibre reinforced polyamide compound with high glass content suitable for consistent performance under adverse climatic conditions.

* The upper housing of the switch is hinged to the lower body and can be withdrawn by the insulated operating rod thereby enables, changing of fuses from ground level.

* Flexibility of linking a series of flaps for simultaneous operation.

* The contacts, made up of ETP grade copper – duly plated are rigidly mounted in the housing independent of the terminal bolts. Single incoming and Double outgoing termination is provided in standard version.

* Electrical & Mechanical fuse indicators are provided to show status of blown fuse.

* Mounting clamp & Coach screw provided along with for easy mounting.

Miniature version

A miniature version is also available with all listed features and neon indicator to indicate status of blown fuse.

The design is relatively smaller, light weight but robust to meet adverse climatic conditions as per pollution level 3 & technical characteristics of IEC-60947 – 1 & 3.

A choice of termination is available to meet any requirement.

The basic function of 400A Pole Mounted Fuse Switch

Terminations Available

Based on the requirement of the customer, we can supply Fuse switch disconnector with either Bolted, Pillar or V Groove Termination.

Type Testing:

The fuse switch has been extensively type tested repute as per IEC 60947 part 1,& 3

Technical Characteristics:



Insulation level




Operational current with fuse


Operational current with blades


Installation category


Short lasting current (1s)


Dynamic current (crest )


Interruption capacity


Minimum mechanical life (operation )




Protection range



  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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