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Low Voltage Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnectors Low Voltage Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnectors
Low Voltage Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnectors Low Voltage Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnectors


Low Voltage Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnectors

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SMICO APDM basic function of 630A Single Pole Mounted Fuse Switch Disconnecter for NH fuse link is to protect and disconnect a network during faults.
  • APDM630


  • IEC60947

  • 30000/month

  • 500V

  • IEC test report, CE

  • V0 Anti UV Thermoplastic Fibre Glass Reinforced Reinforced nylon


SMICO's fuse switch Disconnectors provide safe controlled disconnection of electrical power to individual users and power units in combination with short circuit devices, that allows safe maintenance intervention by protecting against short circuit and earth current leakage. 

The fuse switch Disconnectors consist of a glass ibre reinforced plastic housing and a dismountable switch lap which contains the fuses. The base body carries the connecting terminals which connects the fuse contacts. Arc suppressing chambers above the fuse contacts limit and quench the power arc that may occur during switching, preventing thermal overload of the fuse switch connector. Both aluminium and copper conductors can be connected to the disconnector. 

The switch laps are equipped with fuse holders suitable for NH fuse inserts, disconnecting links or short-circuit devices. 

SMICO also ofers fuse switch Disconnectors in compact design (3 phases + neutral conductor in one housing) in addition to modular designs. These provide the user with multiple phase options, including an additional neutral conductor, and ofers the user in opportunity to switch individual phases, or all phases simultaneously. Low-voltage fuse switch Disconnectors Compact design Cross section through a disconnector chamber Modular design 

The two types of the fuse switch Disconnector are available for diferent NH fuses: 

LTS-00: for NH Fuse Size 00 (max. 160 A) 

             for disconnecting blades of no more than max. 250 A 

LTS-1-2-3: for NH Fuse Size 1 (max. 250 A) 

              for NH Fuse Size 2 (max. 400 A) 

              for NH Fuse Size 3 (max. 630 A)

              for disconnecting blades of no more than max. 630 A 

Both sizes ofer various connection possibilities, are completely weather-proof and ofer touch safe contact for wild life. A mechanical and electrical fuse indicator option that shows if fuses are mounted and ready for use can be speciied. 

SMICO ofer a full range of adapters for diferent types of operating systems, including additional attachment available on request

SMICO's low-voltage fuse switch Disconnectors have been subjected to comprehensive type testing in accordance with IEC 60947 at independent external accredited test laboratories. The qualiication regulations include testing of the rated breaking load and contact capacity, demonstration of conditional rated short-circuit current to check fuse protection capacity, and qualify mechanical and electrical life cycle durability. 

The connectors can be equipped with mechanical and/or electric fuse indicators. 

• Mechanical indicator: Indicates fuse condidtion, used or not. 

• Electric indicator: Indicates if fuse is serviceable or not.

Technical Characteristics:



Insulation level




Operational current with fuse


Operational current with blades


Installation category


Short lasting current (1s)


Dynamic current (crest )


Interruption capacity


Minimum mechanical life (operation )




Protection range



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