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Crimp Contact Terminal AWG18 CDSF-0.75 for Heavy Duty Female Connector 10A Silver Plated Contacts 09150006205

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Heavy Duty connector Screw termination with wire protection,Suitable for power supply applications,Termination with standard screw driver .
Number of contacts: 1
Order No.:09150006205
Product Certification: UL CUL CE ROHS DMT IEC-61984
Packaging Details:Standard Export Cartons
Delivery Time: Within 7 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • CDSF-0.75
  • 100000 pcs per month
  • PC

H-Com, HD, HDD and HE Crimp Contacts

A range of high quality turned crimp contacts for HCom, HD, HDD and HE inserts. The appropriate parallel action crimp to tool is also available for optimum crimp quality, as is the appropriate service crimp tool.

Features & Benefits

• The parallel action crimp tool offers optimal crimp quality and features a rotating locator. See stock number 114-7706.

• For service and small assembly, the service crimp tool is offered complete with locator. See stock number 313-6607.

Product Application Information

The H-Com combination connectors are industrial connectors designed for providing power and signal contacts in one insulation body. The HQ Series are connector inserts with a compact design, while the H D/DD/DDD series are connectors built for high pin count interconnect applications.


HCom inserts have mixed power and signal formats. A typical identifier is ’4//2’ which means there are 4 power contacts and 2 signal contacts. The current rating is different for each type of contact within a particular insert.


These connectors should not be mated or unmated under electrical load. Connectors of the same or different types arranged in a line should be polarised to prevent the possibility of wrong connection.



Crimp contact with sliver plated

Crimp contact with sliver plated 



Copper alloy


silver plated

Contact resistance


Wire gauge





Crimp Socket Contacts for use with H Series Connectors

From Harting, these high-quality contacts are able to be used in HCom, HCD, HD/DD/DDD and HQ inserts. The AWG 20 turned contacts have a silver plated finish and are rated at 10 A.

Able to be used with a wide range of H series inserts

Silver plated

18 AWG

10 A

HCom Signal & Power (Crimp and Screw)

These HCom inserts are available in current ratings from 10A to 100A. They are intended for use typically with hoods and housings.

Crimp Socket Contacts for use with Han Series Connectors

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