You are here: Home » Products » Heavy Duty Connector » Crimping Contact » 09140006258 Pneumatic contact with shut off 4.0mm/ 1/8'' heavy duty modular connector PCFS-4.0
09140006258 Pneumatic contact with shut off 4.0mm/ 1/8\'\' heavy duty modular connector PCFS-4.0 09140006258 Pneumatic contact with shut off 4.0mm/ 1/8\'\' heavy duty modular connector PCFS-4.0


09140006258 Pneumatic contact with shut off 4.0mm/ 1/8'' heavy duty modular connector PCFS-4.0

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Heavy Duty connector Screw termination with wire protection,Suitable for power supply applications,Termination with standard screw driver .
Number of contacts: 1
Product Certification:UL CUL CE ROHS DMT IEC-61984
Order No.:09140006258
Product Certification: UL CUL CE ROHS DMT IEC-61984
Packaging Details:Standard Export Cartons
Delivery Time: Within 7 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • PCFS-4.0


  • 100000 pcs per month

  • PC


SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal

Transmitting compressed air with a connector system

SMICO industrial connectors help to simplify the installation, removal, and maintenance of the connecting systems used in industrial facilities. Connectors in

the SMICO-Modular series are particularly versatile. The modules in this series can

be combined together to create many combinations of connectors. Contacts for transmitting electrical power and/or data signals can be positioned alongside contacts for compressed air connections. Ethernet, USB, FireWire, and various standards for coaxial cable networks are among the transmission types that can be used.

Properly prepared compressed air can be transmitted through the connector using the SMICO pneumatic Module Metal. With its blue colouring, the Pneumatic module stands out from the electrical modules. The contact pins and sockets can be used with pneumatic hoses of varying diameters, depending on your requirements. This pneumatic module can be combined with all other modules in the series. In addition to electric power and electrical signals, they can also be used to create pluggable connections that transmit fibre optic signals and compressed air.

Pack contents

The SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal has room for 3 contacts with connections for - Tubes with inner diameter (ID) = 3.0, 4.0 or 6.0 mm

- Tubes with outer diameter (OD) = 3.0, 4.0 or 6.0 mm

At least two modules are required for each plug-in connection, and in addition:

• SMICO Pneumatic male contact for ID = 3.0, 4.0 or 6.0 mm / (OD) = 3.0, 4.0 or 6.0 mm (10 pieces per pack)

• SMICO Pneumatic female contact for ID = 3.0, 4.0 or 6.0 mm / (OD) = 3.0, 4.0 or 6.0 mm (10 pieces per pack)

The female contact is available in versions with or without the shut-off function.

Please note the following when determining your order:

• The connecting profile of the contacts used in the SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal are either designed for the hose inner or outer diameter.

Users must select the appropriate versions and dimensions for the housing and mounting frame according to the requirements of their connector applications.

The components needed by users to build pluggable systems for compressed air distribution can be found in the SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal and accessories table

General information

SMICO modular connectors meet the requirements for safety and testing as detailed in DIN EN 60 664-1 and DIN EN 61 984. The safety of modular connectors can be first ascertained when they are actually in the application (e.g. after the individual components have been selected and assembled together).

Proper and intended use

The SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal shall be used to transmit properly prepared compressed air in a SMICO-Modular industrial connector. The module is suitable for use in pneumatic systems which have an operating pressure not exceeding 10 bar. Any other usage must be first agreed upon with SMICO.

General safety information

The following safety instructions must be followed during the installation, servicing and removal of SMICO-Modular connectors (including the SMICO Pneumatic Module):

Requirements for installation

Never plug or unplug while under voltage or load

SMICO-Modular connectors must never be plugged in or unplugged while electrical voltages or loads are applied. This prohibition does not apply if the connector contains only pneumatic modules.

Protection against electric shock

SMICO-Modular connectors are designed for over-voltage category III (DIN EN

60 664-1). Users must ensure that the connector is properly installed to protect against electric shock. This protection can be ensured by using the hoods and housings provided by SMICO or by other measures that the user takes during the installation.

Only suitable for compressed air

The SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal is only suitable for the transmission of dry, properly prepared compressed air. Do not use valves or sockets from the SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal for transmitting other media such as other gases or liquids. Any usage that deviates from this purpose is not permissible unless it has been clarified with the relevant national associations for electrical engineering

Permissible degree of pollution/contamination

SMICO-Modular connectors are designed by default for pollution degree 3. All SMICO industrial connectors with IP54 protection or higher (IP protection classes according to DIN EN 61 984, section comply with this pollution degree. Even connectors with a lower IP protection class are suitable for use as pollution degree 3 when they are equipped with a cap that provides them with IP54 or higher while disconnected.

Obligation for coding connectors when using multiple connectors

Connectors arranged side by side, whether they are similar or of different design, must be coded so that they cannot be plugged in improperly

Flow rate and pressure drop across the contact

To assist designers and planners as they select and dimension their compressed air systems, HARTING has determined the maximum flow rate, the pressure drop for the contacts of the SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal.

Flow rate

The flow rate specifies the air volume that can be passed through the contacts of the SMICO pneumatic Module Metal. The ratio between the prevailing air volume (l/min) and the resulting pressure drop (bar) is shown.

Allowed hoods and housings

The SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal can be used with a variety of SMICO hoods and housings. An additional mechanism is needed for some hoods/housings in order to install the SMICO-Modular modules (e.g. the SMICO H10A).

Table 3: Suitable connector hoods/housing for the Pneumatic Module Metal

Type of hood/ housing


Number of possible modules

SMICO A standard



SMICO B standard

6B/10B 16B/24B 32B/48B



6B/10B 16B/24B



6B/10B 16B/24B 48B



6B/10B 16B/24B



6B/10B 16B/24B






6B/10B 16B/24B


SMICO-Modular Compact



SMICO-Modular Twin

The high construction types of hoods and housings are normally recommended forpneumatic applications. This construction type simplifies the cabling of the modulesconsiderably; there is no need to excessively bend the pneumatic hoses. If OD female contacts with a valve are used in a bulkhead surface-mounted housing, the pneumatic contacts with angled outlets must be selected. When selecting the hoods/ housings, make sure that the bending radii of the pneumatic hoses match their respective installation situations.

Termination techniques

The SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal is offered with two different termination techniques. The selection of the proper pneumatic hose is also very important.

The following information will help you to find the proper combination of pneumatic contact and pneumatic hose:

Push-In termination technique

The pneumatic hose is clamped over the calibrated outer diameter when using the Push-In termination technique. Thus, the pneumatic contact with this connection technique is called OD (e.g. Outer Diameter). This refers to the calibrated diameter of the hose.

Termination technique using inner clamping

The inner clamping method for terminating involves pushing the pneumatic hose over the connecting surface of the pneumatic contact. Pneumatic hoses with a calibrated inner diameter should be used here. Thus, the pneumatic contact with this connection technique is called ID (e.g. Inner Diameter). This refers to the calibrated diameter of the hose.

Use of male and female guiding pins

For applying the SMICO Pneumatic Module Metal the use of male (part no. 09 14 000 9908) and female guiding pins (part no. 09 14 000 9909) is not necesseraily required. The reason is that the module can withstand an oblique lengthwise tilt of more

than ±5°, in accordance with DIN EN 175 301-801.

Preventing malfunctions

Compressed air systems can become contaminated with solid particles, such as metal fragments, water, oils or grease. Such impurities can cause the pressure in the distribution system to drop. Leaks from hoses, contacts or valves can also cause pressure drops. Follow the operating and safety instructions for the compressed
air processing/distribution equipment closely (and also for the silencing equipment, where applicable). Also follow the safety instructions from the manufacturers of hoses, valves, and other coupling elements.

1 Poles,Pneumatic contact with shut off



Delrin acetal

pipe internal diameter


working pressure

up 8 bar/116psi



Shut off valve



The function of the heavy-duty connector

1. Electrical insulation between connectors to avoid interference between signals.

2. Fix the position of the connector, which is conducive to plugging and unplugging and the stability of the position.

3. Provide mechanical protection and support for the insert body.

4. Separate the connector from the application environment, reduce environmental pollution and corrosion of the connector, and extend the service life of the connector.

The advantages of heavy-duty connectors

1. Realize pre-installation, pre-installation of a large number of complicated circuits, which can greatly improve the efficiency of equipment installation and reduce the rate of wiring errors.

2. The heavy-duty connector provides a highly integrated connection, and the abundant combination methods maximize the effective utilization of the equipment space.

3. Heavy-duty connector The connector conveniently and efficiently realizes the modular structure of each functional template block in the equipment, so that the equipment can be transported, installed, maintained and repaired conveniently and safely. Connectors are widely used in the field of power transmission and distribution.

4. The high protection level (IP65, IP68) provided by the heavy-duty connector is incomparable to the advantages of the equipment connection system in the harsh environment. Provide effective protection in harsh environments such as sand, dust, rain, cold, ice and snow, and oil pollution.

heavy-duty connector wiring method

1. Loosen the screw with a screwdriver, put the wire into the side hole of the insert, and then tighten the screw.

2. To install the upper shell of the heavy-duty connector, use a screwdriver to unscrew the fixing screws of the insert, put the insert into the upper shell, and then tighten the fixing screws.

3. For the installation of the lower shell of the heavy-duty connector, use the same method to fix the lower shell, and insert the upper shell and the lower shell of the inserted body into each other.

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