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SMICO PT Series Electrical General Insulation Push-in Connector Terminal Blocks SMICO PT Series Electrical General Insulation Push-in Connector Terminal Blocks


SMICO PT Series Electrical General Insulation Push-in Connector Terminal Blocks

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The PT push-in connection terminal
  • PT6-2-PE



SMICO Push In Din Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks

Product Details

The Push-in connection terminal blocks are characterized by the system features of the  complete system and by easy and tool-free wiring of conductors with ferrules or solid conductors,The compact design and front connection enable wiring in a confined space,In addition to the testing facility in the double function shaft, all terminal blocks provide an additional test connection Tested for railway applications.

Direct plug connectors with PUSH IN technology reduce connection times for solid wires and those with crimped on wire-end ferrules by up to 50 % compared to clamping yoke terminals. The conductor is simply inserted in the clamping unit to get a safe, gas-tight connection. Even flexible conductors can be connected without tools and trouble. Safe and reliable connections are crucial, especially under harsh conditions, such as those in the process industry. Our PUSH IN technology guarantees excellent contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications.Faster, simpler, and safe

Your benefits

1.Release of conductor without any tool

2.Flexible mounting foot for compensation of different terminal rail 3.dimensions

4.Clear differentiation of functional areas

5.Slim design for large amount of cabinet space

6.Vibration-resistant and gas-tight connection with copper power rails and stainless steel spring

Basic Information


Pitch 8.2mm
Number of levels 1
Number of connections 2P
Connection method Push in spring terminal
Protection Level IP20
Work temperature -40~+105℃

IEC Data

Rated Current /
Rated Voltage /
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 3
Rated impulse voltage 8KV
Conductor cross section solid 0.5-10mm²
Conductor cross section flexible 0.5-6mm²
Conductor cross section flexible,with furrule 0.5-6mm²
Stripping length 10-12mm

UL Data

Use group B C D
Rated Current / / -
Rated Voltage / / -
Rated cross section 26-10AWG - -

Material Date

Insulation material PA66
Insulation material group Ⅲa
Flame retardant grade, UL94 compliance V0
Contact material Copper alloy
Surface characteristics Sn,Plated


Set 1: Prepare the wires to be connected

Set 2: Directly insert the cable, no tools required

Set 3: Screwdriver into the orange button

Set 4: Unplug the wire, the wire withdrawal is complete


1: High-strength spring

2: Copper conductive strip

3: Imported flame-retardant nylon PA66

Ready for Automation

The modern and uniform design of the PUSH IN products already offers many advantages in wiring and testing. But tool-less connection and a consistent design are also important for the automated assembly and wiring processes of the future. These factors are already taken into account in our PUSH IN products. For example, the housing contour of our A-Series modular terminal blocks is already designed for automatic mounting rail assembly. The straight edges provide a secure hold for the gripper of a robot arm. PUSH IN connections are therefore easier to handle than other connection methods, even for automatic wiring machines.


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