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DIN Rail Mounted Push in Ground Terminal PTT2.5 DIN Rail Mounted Push in Ground Terminal PTT2.5


DIN Rail Mounted Push in Ground Terminal PTT2.5

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  • PTT2.5-2-PL



PT Series DIN Rail Feed-through Terminal Blocks - SMICO

The PT series for DIN Rail terminal blocks from SMICO Contact are feed-through blocks that feature an effortless push-in connection. With a compact width of just 8.2mm and front connections, you'll easily be able to wire this block in confined spaces. Thanks to the push-in connection, no tools are needed to install wires for a secure and reliable connection. Mounting is simple and this terminal block is designed to be mounted onto DIN rails that are of sizes NS 35/7.5 and NS 35/15. The PT series comes in a grey colour and accepts wire sizes from AWG 20 - 8.Housing material is made from a strong yet durable polyamide. Contains are Cu (Copper) alloy. Finally, the PT series only contain one level of connections.

PT push-in connection terminal blocks have been developed for direct conductor connection. This means that solid conductors or conductors with ferrules can be inserted directly into the terminal block without tools. The special spring profile enables the easy insertion of conductors with ferrules from 0.25 mm2. The contact spring is opened automatically when the conductor is pushed in and thereby provides the required pressure force against the current bar. Both for releasing conductors and connecting small cross sections from 0.14 mm2, the spring is opened by means of the actuation lever – easily and without direct contact with live parts. The actuation lever can be operated with all standard screwdrivers.

About DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

DIN Rail terminal blocks are used to protect electrical systems against overcurrent and short-circuiting. They clip on to a DIN rail, which is a standard-size metal rail on to which terminals are mounted in a control cabinet. You can find out more in our complete guide to DIN rail terminal blocks.

DIN rail terminals are made from plastic, as this insulates the electrical current running through the terminal. Fused DIN rail terminals often have a hinged section containing the fuse, which can be opened up to stop the flow of electricity. Some are fitted with an LED blown fuse indicator to let you know when the fuse needs changing. Fused DIN rail terminals come with different fuse size inserts and may be colour coded to indicate the current rating. Non-fused work the same, just without the fuse protection.

Fused DIN rail terminals are widely used in industry and offer more protection from overcurrent than non-fused DIN rail terminals. They are usually used to protect sensors and relays.

both fused and non-fused can be used for applications such Energy managementPower suppliesLighting controllersTelecommunicationsBuilding:managementsystemsIndustrial and civil electrical installationsHeating and air conditioning controls

Basic Information


Pitch 5.2mm
Number of levels 1
Number of connections 6P
Connection method Push in spring terminal
Protection Level IP20
Work temperature -40~+105℃

IEC Data

Rated Current 20A
Rated Voltage 500V
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 3
Rated impulse voltage 6KV
Conductor cross section solid 0.2-4mm²
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2-2.5mm²
Conductor cross section flexible,with furrule 0.2-2.5mm²
Stripping length 8-10mm

UL Data

Use group B C D
Rated Current 20A 20A -
Rated Voltage 600V 600V -
Rated cross section 26-14AWG - -

Material Date

Insulation material PA66
Insulation material group Ⅲa
Flame retardant grade, UL94 compliance V0
Contact material Copper alloy
Surface characteristics Sn,Plated

Pt Electrical Din Rail Push In Connector Feed Through Spring Terminal Blocks Push-in Terminal Block Screwless InterlockingSpring Push Terminals


Push-in connection technology

The PT series is characterized by the easy,direct conductor connection and makes consistent use of the benefits of the complete system.


Easy insertion

The up to 50 percent reduction in inser-tion force offered by push-in technology supports simple and direct insertion of solid and stranded conductors featuring ferrules with a cross section of 0.34mm2 or higher.


Latch function

The integrated latch allows you to release connections with any type of tool – easily and without direct contact with live parts.


1: High-strength spring

2: Copper conductive strip

3: Imported flame-retardant nylon PA66

In-line terminal blocks, PT combined terminal blocks, high current terminal blocks

The PT series can be used in the below applications, however, are not limited to Railway industries Machine building Plant engineering

Terminal blocks are simple to wire. Wiring depends on what type of terminal block you have. These specific terminal blocks are push-in technology. All you need to do for these terminal blocks are to crimp a ferrule onto the end of a conductor for the best possible connection. Ensure standards DIN 46228-4 are met when crimping. After your ferrule is on your conductor, simply


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