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SMICO 38kv Outdoor Distribution Systems Disconnect Isolator Switch

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In electrical engineering, a disconnector, disconnect switch or isolator switch is used to ensure that an electrical circuit is completely de-energized for service or maintenance. They are only used for breaking the circuit and are often found in electrical distribution and substation, where machinery must have its source of driving power removed for adjustment or repair. Disconnectors can be manual or motor operated and may be paired with an earthing switch to ground the portion that has been isolated from the system for ensuring the safety of equipment and the personnel working on it.High-voltage isolation switches are used in electrical substations to allow isolation of apparatus such as circuit breakers, transformers, and transmission lines, for maintenance. The disconnector is usually not intended for normal control of the circuit, but only for safety isolation. Unlike load switches and circuit breakers, disconnectors lack a mechanism for suppression of electric arcs, which occurs when conductors carrying high currents are electrically interrupted. Thus, they are off-load devices, with very low breaking capacity, intended to be opened only after the current has been interrupted by some other control device.
  • RH-A-15kV/27KV/38kV


Outdoor disconnector? switch?used in 15kV,27kV and 38 KV power distribution systems, with current from 200 to 630A. And it used as switching on and switching off at the voltage with no load.

Outdoor Insulator Switch (Distribution Type)

1.Rated voltage:15/27/38KV

2.current:200 / 630 A


Outdoor Insulator Switch(Distribution Type) Model RH-A-15kV/27KV/38kV

Technical Specification
Kv Amperes (kA/Is) Dimensions
Nominal voltage Maximum voltage BIL Nominal Current Transient Current A B C D
13.8 15 95 200/630 16 305 270 580 186
630 25 305 313 595 230
110 200/630 16 381 270 650 186
630 25 381 313 670 230
24.2 27 125 200/630 16 381 310 650 228
630 25 381 340 670 260
34.5 38 150 630 25 381 368 670 290
170 630 25 381 400 670 316

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