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Polymeric Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Lightning Arrester

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Lightning arrester is a kind of electrical appliance which is used to protect electrical equipment from the harm of high transient overvoltage and to limit the continuous current time and often limit the continuous current assignment. Its main material is zinc oxide.
  • YH5W; YH10W

The gapless metal-oxide surge arrester (MOSA) is the most advanced overvoltage protector in the word. Due to the varistor of core component mainly adopt MOSA ,compared with the conventional silicone carbide arrester, this prescription of the product improves greatly the Voltage-Current(U-I)characteristic of the metal-oxide varistor and increased through-current capability at over- voltage so as to bring a radical-changes for the characteristic of the MOSA.

Under the circumstance of normal operating voltage, the current through the MOSA just on microampere degree. When suffered from over voltage,the MOSA's excellent non-linear characteristic will make the current through the MOSA increase to several thousand ampere,While the MOSA will be under the circulating state and release overvoltage energy so as to protecting the power transmission equipments against the damage caused by the overvoltage.


1、Low residual voltage

2、Long protection distance

3、High energy input capacity

4、Stable U-I characteristic even after multiple strokes

5、Proof against ageing

6、Explosion and shatter-resistant design

7、Pollution resistant and UV-stable

8、Housing resistant to rough handling

9、Maintenance free

10、Stable against shock and vibration

11、High mechanical resistance

Product condition of use

1、The ambient air themperatures is no higher than +40℃, no lower than -40℃.

2、The altitude above sea level does not exceed 2000m.

3、AC system frequency is 50HZ or 60HZ.

4、AC voltage brought to bear on arrester for a long time does not exceed arrester's continuous operating voltage.

5、Maximun wind speed does not exceed 35m/s.

6、The earthquake intensity does not exceed 7 degrees.


Mode & Spec.

Rated Voltage(KV)

Continuous operating voltage(KV≥)

1/4 Steep current residual voltage(KV≤) 8/20 Lightning  current residual voltage(KV≤) 30/60 Switching  current residual voltage(KV≤)

2000ms square wave impulse(A)

4/10MS high current impulse(KV)

YH5W-3L 3 2.55 9.5 9 7.7 100 65
YH5W-6L 6 5.10 19.0 18 15.4
YH5W-9L 9 7.65 28.5 27 23.1


12 10.2 38.0 36 38.0
YH5W-15L 15 12.7 47.5 45 38.5
YH5W-18L 18 15.3 57.0 54 46.2
YH5W-21L 21 17.0 66.5 63 53.9
YH5W-24L 24 19.2 76.0 72 61.6
YH5W-27L 27 21.9 85.5 81 69.3
YH5W-30L 30 24.4 95.0 90 76.5
YH5W-33L 33 26.8 104.5 99 84.7


36 29.0 114.0 108 92.4
YH5W-42L 42 34.1 132.3 126 100.1

c5d55645-4723-4019-Gepless Polymeric Metal Oxide Surge arrester lightning arrester

Place of Origin:Wenzhou, China

Brand Name:SMICO

Model Number:YH5W; YH10W

Material:Silicon rubber

Coler:Gray, Red, Customized Certification:IEC60099-4
Creepage Distance:

Structure:Zinc Oxide


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