You are here: Home » Products » Aerial Power Fitting » Insulation Piercing Connector » JBC50-240 2 Bolts cable Insulation Piercing Connector clamp
JBC50-240 2 Bolts cable Insulation Piercing Connector clamp JBC50-240 2 Bolts cable Insulation Piercing Connector clamp
JBC50-240 2 Bolts cable Insulation Piercing Connector clamp JBC50-240 2 Bolts cable Insulation Piercing Connector clamp


JBC50-240 2 Bolts cable Insulation Piercing Connector clamp

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SMICO JBC-50-240 Insulation Piercing Connectors is used to connect the overhead wires , apply in the transformation of the national grid, power transmission and distribution, landscape lighting, new rural construction and other industries
  • JBC-50-240


  • 50-240/50-240mm²

  • NFC 33 020, ANSI C119.5, EN 50483-4

  • 500000/month

  • 22±1NM

  • Thermoplastic Fibre Glass Reinforced Reinforced nylon


SMICO JBC-50-240 Insulation Piercing Connectors are made for service connections. The blades of the Service Insulation Piercing Connector are made of tin-plated copper or aluminium alloy allowing connections to aluminium and/or copper stranded conductors. These bodies are made of plastic with fiberglass allowing high resistance to its environment but also offering superior mechanical properties. A single torque control nut draws the two parts of the connector together and shears off when the teeth have pierced the insulation and made contact with the conductor strands.Ease of installation has been combined with excellent mechanical, electrical and environmental characteristics to provide a connector capable of terminating aluminium or copper stranded conductors. All of our insulation piercing connectors are designed and tested to fit the majority types of cables made in accordance with the European Standard HD 626, regardless of whether cables are insulated with XLPE, PE or PVC. The products are tested according to national specifications such as NFC 33 020, ANSI C119.5 and the European standard EN 50483-4.

These standards include tests to verify reliable operation even in the harshest environments:

Designed for installation from –20 °C up to +50 °C

  • No limitation of mechanical loads for main and branch conductors

  • Shear head forces are adapted to the required contact forces for each application (main, service, lightning)

  • Voltage withstand to 6 kV in a 30 cm water bath

  • No change in contact resistance and temperature after overloads and load cycling

  • Voltage withstand to 6 kV in metallic balls after heavy weathering exposure (UV-light, humidity and temperature cycling)

  • Corrosion resistance of the metal parts has been proven in the salt fog chamber and wet SO2 gas chamber

Key Features:

  • Range-taking

  • Suitable for XLPE, PE or PVC conductors

  • Waterproof

  • Captive and flexible end caps

  • All components are solid and fixed in place

  • Equipped with shear head to ensure a reliable tightening torque

  • Operating temperature -55°C to +55°C

  • Installation temperature -20°C to +55°C

  • Can be installed on energized main if not under load

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In this application, insulation piercing clamp are generally used to tap the main ABC Cable and connecting it to a service line that powers streetlights or other applications.


These insulated piercing connector are used to tap the main ABC Cable Line to charge Low Voltage Distribution Boxes which are further connected to different applications such as residential connections, street lights, etc. SMICO Low Voltage Distribution Boxes can provide up to 9 outgoing connections for each incoming line.


These IPC are generally used with the same size of cable on each side to facilitate T-Connections (90° turns) or any other high angle turn.


These insulation piercing connector are used to tap the main ABC Cable and bring power to households. Using the Multiport IPC, a one-tap connection from the mainline can be used to bring connections to multiple households.

How to install SMICO Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC) for Aerial Bundled Cables


Modle Main Tap No.Bolt
JBC-1 35-70 6-35 1
JBC-2 35-150 35-150 1
JBC50-240 50-240 50-240 2


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