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Heavy duty connector solution

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Heavy-Duty Connector Solution for Machine Building

SMICO’s Heavy-Duty Connector (HDC) is an ideal solution to replace conventional cable glands if you want to have an easy and quick physical disconnection of power or signal. Many machine building system integrators are facing the following problems with regards to the cable gland design:

Difficult to dismantle and disconnect

Consumes a significant amount of panel space

Errors during installation

After going through the product technical information, our machine builder customer decided to replace most of the cable glands with Heavy-Duty Connectors due to their easy application. a photo of their panel is shown below.

heavy duty connector solution

Feature of Heavu duty connector:

High corrosion resistance

Ensures secure power, data and signal transmission

Flexible single or double locking latches

Mounting and plug-in Compatible


Ideal for operating in harsh environments

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