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Female Male Retaining Hinged Frame 09140060303 for 2 modules HF6B-UA Female Male Retaining Hinged Frame 09140060303 for 2 modules HF6B-UA


Female Male Retaining Hinged Frame 09140060303 for 2 modules HF6B-UA

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  • SO-HF6B-UA


  • 09140060303


Product Details

H Modular Frames

Grounding system according to VDE

Die cast zinc construction

Hinged frame (except item type 1 – one piece)

A-B, a-b, A-C, a-c, A-D, a-d, A-F, and a-f orientation available depending on 2, 3, 4, or 6 insert ’module’ requirement

Mating cycles ≥500

For use in standard hoods and housings

SMICO H Modular

The H-Modular series is a system consisting of insert modules and frames into which the insert modules fit. These in turn may be fitted to standard H housings. The system allows a variety of insert configurations within the one connector assembly. The HModular system is designed to meet specific requirements of individual customers and offers flexibility when considering connections for signal, power & pneumatic lines when a solution is required with one connector Apart from the quality of the crimp connector, the right choice of the assembly tool is the basic element of a reliable connection. SMICO offers appropriate crimping tools for different levels of automation for all connectors.


Dimensions 51.2 mm L x 34.5 mm W x 36.3 mm H
Material Die Cast Zinc
Series H-Modular
Size 6B
Specifications A to B Marking, 40 A Rated, 1 kV Rated, 18 to 14 AWG Wire, 2 Position
Suitable For Use With 2 Modules
Temperature Rating -40 to 125 deg C
Type Female/Male Retaining

install the completely assembled Pneumatic module

The module heavy-duty connector is one of the SMICO heavy-duty connectors. Many customers do not guide how to install the module heavy-duty connector. Let's take a look at the correct installation method.
Materials needed: frame, module
Step 1: Loosen the screws on the left and right sides of the metal frame
Step 2: After the screws are loosened, the metal frame can be opened so that the module can be put in
Step 3: Put the module into the frame so that the protrusions on both sides of the module are put into the holes on both sides of the metal frame
Step 4: After placing the required modules, re-tighten the screws
The heavy-duty connector of the module is installed. If there is a shell outside, then put the whole frame into the shell and fix it.


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