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Distribution Line Protection Porcelain High Voltage Fuse Distribution Line Protection Porcelain High Voltage Fuse


Distribution Line Protection Porcelain High Voltage Fuse

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This Distribution Line Protection Porcelain High Voltage Fuse is available for application on 10kv to 38kv distribution system. The addition of the arc chute provides loadbreak capability for fuse cutouts. Also expands the flflexibility of the protective devices.The loadbreak fuse cutout provides short circuit protection to overhead lines with the added feature of a loadbreaking function. Maximum rating current 100-200A
  • Distribution Line Protection Porcelain High Voltage Fuse


  • IEC 60282-2:2008, IEEE Std C37.41-2008, IEEE Std C37.42-2009


Product features

High performance of weather aging resistance

For porelain insulator, the porcelain body connects with hardware fitting by cement pouring, we use the (por-rok)ANCHORING cement manufactured by CGM INC from USA. This kind of cement has rapid solidification, high mechanical strength, low expansion coefficient and superior weather resistance.

For polymer insulator, the hardware fitting crimped onto fiberglass rod, material of housing and sheds manufacture of high-temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber, and the insulator moulded by one piece injection molding. It has good sealing performance and good performance of tracking and erosion resistance.

All ferrous parts processed by hot dip galvanized, its zinc coating more than 86u, it has good corrosion resistance.

Design feature of single vent

Our fuse cutout adopts the design feature of single vent, exhaust downwards and outwards when fuse cutout interrput. Prevent the intrusion of rainwater, avoid damage to the upper line by free gas, and this design can improve the interrput capacity.

Excellent conductivity

All copper casting part adopts bronze/brass, it has excellent mechanical strength and excellent conductivity.

All contact parts be silver-plated, it adopts convex design on the contact surface, this design can reduce the contact resistance and ensure excellent conductivity.

The high-strength memory cooper alloy sheets can ensure contact with lower contact smoothly and without any affecting when fuse drop out.

It adopts Arc-shortening copper rod to improve the interrput capacity when short circuit fault.

Reliable load breaking capacity

For Loadbreak type fuse cutout, its arc chamber made of special reinforced nylon material. It has good mechanical strength, anti-aging and flame retardant. suitable for use the area like high ultraviolet area, high altitude area, coastal area, etc.

Relevant international executive standards

All fuse cutouts we manufacture and test according to the latest international standard IEC 60282-2:2008 & IEEE Std C37.41-2008 & IEEE Std C37.42-2009.


When order,please indicate the detailed information as below listed:

1) Rated voltage and rated current .

2) Minimum creepage distance.

3) The material of insulator.

4) Please indicate whether arc-shortening rod should be fitted with fuse cutout.

5) Please indicate the type of mounting bracket.


Rated(KV) Rated current(A) Rated interrupting current(KA) Lighting impulse withstand voltage to ground(BIL KV) Minimum powerfrequency withstand dry voltage to ground(KV) Minimum creepage distance(mm)
11-15 100/200 12 110 42 220
11-15 100/200 12 125 50 320
24-27 100/200 12 150 65 470
33-38 100/200 8 170 70 660
33-38 100/200 8 170 70 720
33-38 100/200 8 170 70 900

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