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ABC Cable Dead End Clamp And Suspension Clamp Bracket

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  • SM81
  • NF C 33042 EN 50-48
  • 500000/month

These elements are made of high strenght aluminium alloy.

The fixing clamp is designed for single anchoring whereas the bracket offers up to 6 fixing points.

Their specific design allows fixing on wooden, metal or concrete poles.

The fixing clamp is implemented using a 10mm diameter bolt or using a 20x0.7mm stainless steel strap (tensile strength: 200daN).

The ABC cable pole bracket is implemented using a 14 or 16mm diameter bolt or using two 20x0.7mm stainless steel straps (tensile strength: 200daN/anchoring point).

This anchoring assembly meets the criteria of the NF C 33-042 and EN 50-483 standards


  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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