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What is an Insulated Piercing Connector used for?

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SMICO Insulated Piercing Connector is used to achieve contact by simultaneously piercing the insulation on LV ABC conductors of main power distribution line and on insulated copper or aluminum conductors of network connection lines. SMICO IPC is made in such a way that it enables jointing of LV ABC and network connection conductor regardless of whether it is aluminum or copper conductor. Elastomer insert eliminates bimetallic corrosion since it prevents appearance of moisture on contact points. The contacts are protected with electrical contact grease.

When shear head nut is tightened the teeth of contact plates pierce the insulation of LV ABC and achieve excellent contact thanks to deep breakthrough into the conductor and large contact area. Contact plates are made of electrolytic metal sheet of excellent conductivity and very high tensile strength so that piercing of the insulation is possible even at very low temperatures.

Tightening is done until mechanical damage of shear head nut. Additional tightening is allowed until maximum mechanical load, maximum 1,5 circle from the moment of damage of shear head nut. Installation under voltage is possible but proper protective equipment must be used.

Why should you choose SMICOl's Insulated Piercing Connector

SMICO IPC is designed in such a way that fast, easy and reliable installation is possible regardless of the outside temperature. The housing is made of Polyamide PA 6,6 (reinforced with 30-50% glass fibers). resistant to UV radiation, weather conditions, temperature oscillations, aging.

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