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How to identify the model and specification of the ferrule through the physical object

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Heavy Duty Connector (HDC) can be widely used in harsh environments, it contains three important components: ferrule, pin and shell. The ferrule and the pin form an electrical module, which provides electrical connection for the device, while the housing is made of metal or thermoplastic material, which can provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection for the electrical connection. There are many standard models of ferrules, and the types used in different industries are also different. How to identify the model and specifications of the ferrule and find a suitable product?

1: First, which series is distinguished by the number of pins, voltage, and current.

2: Then distinguish the wiring methods. The wiring methods mainly include screw connection, axial screw connection, shrapnel connection and cold-pressed connection;

①If there are pins, it is screw connection, axial screw connection and shrapnel connection, and then distinguish them according to the characteristics of these connections.

②If there is no pin, it is a cold-pressed connection.

3: Finally, distinguish the male core or the female core; (male and female)

①After installing the pin, if the surface of the pin can be touched, the metal type of the pin can be characterized as male;

②If you can't touch the pin metal on the surface, it can be characterized as female.


Rated voltageRated currentNumber of pinsConnection method
HAMini insert
250V, 230/400V10A, 16A2,3,4,10,16,32Screw, Crimp, Cage clamp termianl
HEConventional insert500V16A6,10,16,24,32,48Screw, Crimp, Cage clamp termianl
HVEHigh voltage insert830V, 400/690V16A3,6,10,12,20,16,32Screw, Crimp terminal
HEEHigh density insert500V16A10,18,32,40,46,64,92Crimp terminal
HD & HDDUltra high density insert250V, -120V/~50V10A



Crimp terminal
HSBHigh Current insert400V/690V35A6,12

Screw terminal

HKCombination insert








Screw, Crimp terminal
HMModular insert





Screw, Crimp, Cage clamp termianl
HQCompact and mini insert



40A,16A,10A,40/10A2,4/2,5/0,7/0,8/0,17,17/0Screw, Crimp terminal

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