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HM-RJ45 super six shielding module

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In the era of industrial Internet, smart devices are inseparable from network signal transmission! More and more high-tech connector products emerge in an endless stream, contributing to our better life.

But today, what I want to show you is an ordinary but indispensable product - SMICO HM-RJ45 Super Category 6 Shielding Module (Cat.6A).

SMICO HM-RJ45 Super Category 6 shielded module (Cat.6A), which can support up to 500 MHz bandwidth and transmit 10Gbit/s Ethernet wiring system, not only can effectively improve the data transmission speed, but also improve the safety control, allowing Data transmission is more secure; enhance signal capability and make signal transmission smoother!

Cat.6A modules support cabling systems with large bandwidth and high speed, and have a wide range of applications. The biggest advantage of the Cat.6A shielding module is the ultra-high anti-crosstalk performance of adjacent pairs, stable transmission performance, and easy acceptance. This is why the data center also uses a large number of Cat 6A shielding systems. Center) and 11801-6:2017 standards (distributed services), EA level (category 6A) is already the minimum standard.

SMICO HM-RJ45 Super Category 6 shielding module (Cat.6A) adopts metal shell zinc alloy + UL94V-0 thermoplastic material, which can be applied to the module frame and synchronized with other modules to realize the perfect integration of data, signal and power. With the SMICO IP67 enclosure, it is durable and especially suitable for demanding industrial cable applications such as control cabinets, motors/motor control, machinery and robotics.

Technical parameter:

1. Metal shell zinc alloy impact resistance type, UL94V-0 thermoplastic material elasticity;

2. Withstand voltage strength: 800V (AC500V) 1min without breakdown and arcing;

3. With shielding function;

4. The transmission bandwidth reaches 500MHz;

5. The transmission rate can reach 10Gbit/s

6. Gold needle: beryllium copper, overall gold plating;

7. The number of plugging and unplugging is ≥750;

8. Insulation resistance: 10¹ºΩ;

9. Working temperature: -10℃~85℃;


1. Adopt 360-degree full shielding design to optimize the shielding effect to effectively prevent electromagnetic interference;

2. The gold needle is plated with gold as a whole to prevent surface oxidation, improve contact performance, and ensure performance and service life;


• Control cabinet

• robot technology

• Motor/motor control

• Equipment

• Other industrial cable installations, etc.

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