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DR1400 Aluminium Strain Clamp for Overhead Line DR1400 Aluminium Strain Clamp for Overhead Line


DR1400 Aluminium Strain Clamp for Overhead Line

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Product property: They are characterized by high mechanical stability ,reduced dimensions for easier handling,high mechanical and climatic resistance .Cble gripping device in insulationg material ensures the double insulation of neutral core and avoids damage to sheath ,secured parts,no tools required .Stainless steel bail with two marbles compressed on the end , the is conception allows an easier locking on the body of the clamp .They are in accordance with NFC 33-041
  • DR1400


  • 25-35mm²

  • NFC 33-041, EN 50483-3

  • 700000/month

  • Aluminium alloy body


Product information:

Anchoring clamp DR1400 is wedge type, designed to anchor insulated messenger, in LV ABC insulated overhead systems, up to 1 KV.

Applied on cable from 25-35 mm2 in main electric connections.

Anchor clamp DR1400 is made of stainless steel wire bail, UV resistant, FG reinforced polymers, high strength aluminium.

Tension clamp DR1400 is self-adjusting compared to bolted clamps, this simplify the installation process, and allows installations of closed drive hooks, pole brackets and other low voltage cable brackets and other pole fittings and hardware.

Modle Cross-Section(mm2)
PAM-06 16-20
PAM-07 16-25
PAM-08 16-25


DR1500 35-70
DR1600 35-70
DR1700 70-150
JBG-1 35-70
JBG-2 50-95


  • HANG Capacitor Machinery Co., Ltd.
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