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A new generation of modular industrial connectors

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Heavy duty connectors are an important part of modern industry. Lightweight, stable and fast connection have become important development trends of industrial connectors. To this end, SMICO has launched the SMICO-Modular domino module, which not only saves 50% of space, achieves weight reduction and ultimately reduces CO2 emissions, but also meets diversified connection needs and provides more possibilities for expansion and optimization. Taking modular industrial connectors to a whole new level.

Today's world is facing the opportunities and challenges brought about by energy transition and digital transformation, which requires more cutting-edge technologies and technological innovations to emerge continuously. SMICO-Modular domino module is such a representative technology. As a key development of modular connector products, the SMICO-Modular domino module series meets the requirements of the industry for saving installation space and reducing weight. Transmission types such as power, data and signals are integrated in one module, smaller size components are tightly packed within a hinged frame, and individual modules are reusable. Users of SMICO-Modular dominoes can save up to 50% of installation space, and manufacturing smaller components helps reduce production costs and save resources, improve logistics efficiency, and provide customers with additional added value such as sustainability.

Modular connector offerings provide multiple benefits, with reduced assembly time and a corresponding reduction in the installer's overall labor input. It not only caters to the current general trend of demographic changes, but also makes up for the shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, lighter weight and smaller size connectors can also contribute to energy saving and carbon reduction

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